3 local stores for moms to find craft beer

Who knew Walmart is a go-to destination for craft beer?!
Who knew Walmart is a go-to destination for craft beer?!

I’m a craft beer convert. And mommy likes to enjoy a cold one most evenings at mom-o-clock. Of course I can’t always lug the kiddies to a brewery (although I definitely have been known to do so), which means I need to satisfy my craft beer cravings at the store.

I’ve been most pleasantly surprised to find craft beer beyond the Taj Teeter aisles. Here are three surprising spots to buy local beer canned or bottled for your discreet sipping while helping with homework:


America’s best bargain behemoth now has craft beer! At least its newer and smaller Neighborhood Markets do. Imagine how psyched I was to buy grapes for 99 cents a pound AND get my Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Captain Jack.

However, I was bummed to learn that the price is no cheaper than at the Teeter or Publix.

Bonus fact: The first time I shopped at one of these Neighborhood Markets, I couldn’t believe how NOT crowded it was. Granted these stores are newer, but they simply don’t have the chaos that rule the Supercenters. I liked.


I discovered a whole craft beer freezer the other day - bullseye! The selection was decent, from OMB to Unknown Brewery to Triple C. Again, prices are about even.

Bonus fact: Have you ever tried the boxed sangria in Target’s wine aisle? Get it for your next cookout.

Total Wine

This has become my go-to place for store-bought craft beer because the selection is sooo big. I like to indulge here and get NoDa Brewing cans, especially the Cavu. You can even fill growlers with local beers, although I haven’t leapt to that Millennial practice quite yet.

Bonus: Definitely try Unknown Brewery’s Ginger Wheat. Oh, and I hear this store sells wine.