Turn your child into a mini- Lego®

A mini Lego of your child...the perfect photo cake topper....these are a few of the new line of 360-degree keepsakes unveiled recently at Portrait Innovations. Using state-of-the-art photography and 3D printing technology the folks at this Ballantyne-based studio can produce stunningly detailed, lifelike collectibles.

The process to create these 3D figurines is actually quite easy using the new technology. An individual or couple enters the 3D Studio and a Portrait Innovations professional photographer captures the perfect 360-degree portrait using 120 high-speed digital cameras simultaneously. This 360-degree image is replicated through a 3D printer.

The result? Customers have the choice of four keepsake options:

Full Standing Figurines: The full size image is turned into a 6- to 8-inch lifelike figurine

Wedding Cake Topper: Couples can create a full body 8.5-inch figurine to display on their wedding cake, and then keep as a memento following the big day (don’t worry, the groom doesn’t have to see the bride in her wedding dress)

Character Figurines: At 3 inches tall, the 3D portrait of someone’s face can be added to the body of a caricature, selecting from 30 options ranging from sports, heroes, holiday themes and various jobs

Mini Toy Head: Adding new excitement to a classic toy, a detailed replica of a loved one’s head is added onto a Lego® person

Prices for the new 3D keepsake figurines range depending on the size, style and scope. To officially roll out the program in Charlotte, the company is offering 25 percent off all 3D portrait figurines before Sunday, July 31. The Ballantyne studio is located in the Promenade Shopping Center at 5349 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, and can be contacted at (704) 844-8633.