Moms’ night out in SouthPark: 3 ways to win

Getty Images/Ivary

Moms’ nights out win on so many levels: 1. The hubby has to get home in time so you can go out. No bedtime routine! No last-minute homework hustle! 2. You can make the fam something for dinner that you don’t really love but the rest of the brood will happily eat (hello hotdogs and mac and cheese). 3. You get to eat, drink and yap for 2-plus hours with your girls.

See? Total win.

So, where’s a mom to go in Charlotte? Here are three interesting options in SouthPark:

Whole Foods

Whaaaaaat? A grocery store? Well, it’s a fancy grocery store, and it has wine and craft beer on tap. There’s also a coffee bar and gelato counter.

Here’s why fellow mom Natalie recommends it:

“We've discovered that upstairs at Whole Foods (by SouthPark) is great. There's an upstairs section (over the BAR). Everyone can choose what they eat (or not), drink (or not), and there's no waiter ready to get rid of you.”

And if you need to grab a gallon of milk on the way home …

6610 Fairview Road,


This little coffee bar isn’t just coffee. It’s wine and craft beer and desserts and art and sometimes live music. And it’s adorable, with local art and jewelry comfortably filling this niche in Quail Corners Shopping Center off Park Road.

The owner will even work to accommodate your book club, PTA board or neighborhood group. It’s a fairly quiet spot, which makes it perfect for a relaxing evening out with your closest buds.

Note: Fabo closes at 7 p.m. most nights except Thursday and Friday, when it’s open until 10.

8428 Park Road,

Polished Nail Bar

What screams girls night more than pedicures and wine? Get your full girl on with an evening at Polished, which serves up cocktails with a side of mani/pedi.

Polished likes to make it festive. There’s a city feel with loud music and bright lights. And every day, there’s a fun-tinged special, from Mimosa Mondays to Girls Night Out on Thursdays. The prices are reasonable, $35 for pedicure and $60 for a full-on mani/pedi. Drinks included!

One note: This is not for the late-night crowd. Polished closes at 7:30 p.m. each night.

Multiple locations; Southpark location is at 6700 Fairview Road.