Keep your cool this summer

Don’t melt this summer...keep your cool by maintaining your A/C in good condition.
Don’t melt this summer...keep your cool by maintaining your A/C in good condition. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whoa,’s hot out there! With temperatures again heading into the 90s this week and the hottest months of the year on the horizon, staying cool is a top priority. Nothing feels quite as good after outdoor fun like coming in to a nicely air-conditioned home. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offer these simple tips to help save your air conditioning unit and also some time and money.

1) Use a digital programmable thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat helps to extend the life of your A/C unit by helping you to cut down on the unit’s overall workload, thereby putting less strain on the system. For example, instead of keeping the home at a comfortable 75 degrees all day, which would be the situation with a regular thermostat, a digital thermostat could cool the home down in time for you to come home to a comfortable home, instead of maintaining the home at the ideal temperature all day long. An added bonus is that you will likely see a reduced electricity bill.

2) Have your unit serviced regularly

Servicing your A/C unit is just as important as servicing your car. You should have your unit looked over by a qualified A/C repair person at least once per season, preferably once the weather has begun to warm up outside, but before you have to turn the system on. If there are any problems, a qualified technician can potentially diagnose them early, before the problem gets worse. Additionally, the service technician will give you suggestions about your particular unit which will help you better maintain it and extend its life.

3) Use blinds

One of the best ways to extend the life of your A/C unit is to prevent it from having to work too hard in the first place. By closing your blinds, you will reduce some of the sunlight coming into your home, but the trade-off is that you will also reduce the heat entering your home. This means that your A/C unit will have to work less in order to maintain the ideal temperature.

4) Turn off your humidifier

There are several reasons you may not want to run your humidifier in the summertime, including:

· In most areas summertime is already the most humid time of year.

· Adding additional moisture to already humid air may cause problems with mold in areas of the home where there is insufficient circulation.

· Making the air more humid means that your A/C will have to run longer to achieve the ideal temperature.

· Make sure your humidifier is set to “summer” mode or “off” during the hotter months of the year.

5) Dry clothes at night

Not only can the very use of the dryer cause a heat buildup in the home, depending on the age and model of the unit and its ventilation system, but the dryer works by blowing air out of the home which causes a compensating intake of air into the house. The air intake is hottest during the day, so it is better to use the dryer at night.

6) Perform routine maintenance yourself

There is a certain amount of routine maintenance that the homeowner is required to perform in order to ensure that the A/C is working properly and will continue to do so long into the future. Such maintenance includes:

· Change the filter regularly

· Make sure the outdoor condenser unit is sitting on level ground and is completely clear of weeds, trees, and other obstructions

· Clear your A/C water line periodically by pouring one cup of bleach into the line and then flushing it with a gallon of water

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