Pitch A Tent

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With so much of our day spent following a routine and using some sort of technology, unstructured time outside can provide some balance. A family camping trip where you can breath in the fresh air, spy on some wildlife, and sleep under a starry sky is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the simplicity of nature while giving your family a great bonding experience. Immerse yourself and your family in the whole camping experience for a relaxing and fun adventure that you can find not too far from home.

Good Health Benefits of Camping

In addition to learning about wildlife and nature, getting outside has tremendous health benefits. According to David Mizejewski of National Wildlife Federation says, “Kids that go outside are less likely to be obese, deficient in vitamin D or nearsighted. Outdoor time can also help with ADHD, sleep and classroom performance.” There are plenty of good reasons to get your kids outdoors where they’ll learn to appreciate the natural world.

Tents or RVs

“We encourage families to get as close to nature as possible while camping, so from that perspective tents are the way to go,” says Mizejewski. “RV camping is okay too as long as most of your time is spent outside in the fresh air enjoying nature, looking or listening for wildlife, watching the stars, and all of the fun family activities camping offers.”

Local Dad’s Perspective

Rudy Hayden, the father of two young boys and manager of the Great Outdoor Provision Co says, “Camping is religion in my family.” Even though his two boys are only 3 and 5 years old, Hayden already has them camping, teaching them early to appreciate the adventures of camping.

Hayden says, “Camping gives my boys time to explore and be kids. They sit by the creek to throw stones. Check out bugs and just explore and have fun.”

His family goes car camping to make it easy for his young children. “In your car, you can go pull right up to the campsite and operate out of your vehicle. Usually, these sites will have a picnic table, covered shelter, and a fire pit,” says Hayden. On clear nights, Hayden spreads out a tarp, places the sleeping bags on it, and his family sleeps under the night sky. Otherwise, he will pitch a tent for his family to sleep in.

Close in proximity to Charlotte, Hayden has taken his family camping at McDowell Nature Preserve, Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw, and Crowder’s Mountain, which are all ideal for families.

No matter where you camp, get your kids outside and away from electronics to discover nature’s beauty. The simplicity of nature is rewarding for everyone in your family, even parents need time to slow down. Your camping adventures can become treasured family memories while building a great appreciation for nature’s wonderland.

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