100 Days of Real Food Progress Report

Below are some of the latest excerpts from our family's 100 Days of Real Food journey that is being chronicled on If you haven't seen the rules we are following yet then take a moment to check them out before reading...


Day 33

…we were waiting to get some water at a concession stand the other day. This kind of place is my worst nightmare right now with display cases full of candy

blog post photobars & chips and serving hot items like chicken nuggets, fries, and hot dogs. I was hoping for a pleasant escape with our free cup of water, when I heard the dreaded “I am hungry for a snack”. Wow, I wonder where she got that idea? So of course I said “we can’t have any of this right now, and I promise I will give you something as soon as we get home.” A few moments later my 5-year-old proudly spotted a basket of bananas on the counter that I hadn’t even noticed. How could I have ever thought it was so bad to involve my children in this little project of ours when it has taught my daughter to find (and want) the one and only healthy whole food out of a sea of junk??? One thing I have learned is that after a few bumps in the road kids can be unbelievably adaptable… Click to Read More

Day 35

As I have mentioned many times, being away from home (whether at a restaurant, playdate, or birthday party) has been the hardest part of our pledge so far. Up until now we have eaten an occasional meal out only to immediately return back home to our little haven of real food. But now we are about to embark upon a week-long journey where we will be surrounded by rule-breaking foods 24-7. And the last thing I want is for our “special diet” to make our trip any less enjoyable!...Click to Read More

Day 39

I have to admit that so far I am not a fan of having to follow rules while on vacation. Maybe it is just me, but there seem to be ice cream shops, candy stores, coffee shops (presumably selling white chocolate mochas), and fried fish places everywhere. The people eating and drinking items from these places look like they are having loads of fun and really enjoying every bite…not that I was paying any attention. At this point I can only be thankful that my daughters have not seemed to notice (at least enough to say anything) when passing by their nemeses, which would include hot dog places and the same ice cream and candy shops that are bothering me. I suppose if I could have traveled on the plane and boat armed with my ice cream maker and espresso maker (in addition to my small suitcase that was completely dedicated to food) things would be a little bit easier...Click to Read More

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