100 Days of Real Food Update

We are on day 93 of our 100 Days of Real Food! Here are some of the latest excerpts...

Day 75: A Makeshift Lunch and Surprise at the Grocery Store (excerpt)

I experienced a little bit of a surprising incident at the grocery store the other day. We were just minding our own business while shopping at our regular local store. Both of my girls were pushing their own little kid-sized carts, and I was leading the way through the aisles with my list in hand. Along came another little girl (who must have been the same age as my 5-year-old) with her own little shopping cart. It almost felt like it happened in slow motion when I saw my kids look right at her cart full of processed foods as she pushed it right by them (at their eye level of course). Then the dreaded words started to come out of my 5-year-old’s mouth…”Mom, her cart reminded me that…” I seriously held my breath, but then she said “…I wanted to get one of those cups that she had.”

I was in shock and after getting her to clarify her request (since it was so hard for me to believe) I said “I will absolutely buy you one of those $3 plastic cups” …let’s go pick one out! I explained to her later that I bought her the cup because I was so proud of her for not asking me for (or even wanting) any of the items that were in the girl’s cart. I honestly didn’t even notice the cup and instead only saw two different kinds of Fruit Roll Ups, two packages of Lunchables, and a box of white croissants from the bakery. (I need to take a moment here to stress to the readers that don’t know us personally…things were not always like this with my daughter!). Not too long ago, both of our daughters ate just like any other child including the very same Lunchables and plenty of candy and other highly processed treats after meals. My point is that even though it hasn’t been easy at times, we have managed to change their mindsets, and sometimes I still can’t believe how well my children are handling our new food choices.

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Day 84: Breakfast and Kid Food (excerpt)

Since my husband is gone I decided to have a girlfriend and her two kids over for dinner one evening. It seems that I am always making family dinner meals these days instead of making “kid” meals anymore. So after my friend confirmed that her children would eat a macaroni and cheese dish (that looked nothing like it came out of a blue box) I decided to go with it. I just boiled some whole-wheat macaroni noodles and whipped up a white cheddar cheese sauce with a little roasted butternut squash added for color (and nutrition of course!). I gave them green beans topped with almonds and soy sauce on the side. Just about every kid cleaned their plate and my girls even asked for seconds! That always makes my day.

So for dessert (if you even want to call it a dessert!) I decided to try making some of the

banana ice cream

I posted about the other day. Thanks to a few readers who left comments I learned that it really is as easy as freezing some bananas, putting them in the blender with a few splashes of milk, and going to town. I cannot believe how creamy and good it was! I just wish I had made more so the adults could’ve had their own bowls, too.

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Day 92: Gumbo Flop and First School Lunch (excerpt)

Wow….only eight days left! I almost can’t believe it. Although we don’t plan to change the way we eat very much (especially at home) it will be nice to have a little less pressure on me to carry this out perfectly. This is on my mind after the second time in a week that a recipe I planned to make had to come to a screeching halt due to rule-breaking ingredients. I guess that’s what happens when I pull from my “pre-100 day” catalog of recipes. I have really been craving some flavors from New Orleans (my in-laws live in The Big Easy so we’ve been spoiled with their yummy cuisine on many occasions). So with a few substitutions in mind I thought I would be able to pull together my husband’s aunt’s gumbo recipe.

Originally I was thinking that I would just sub whole-wheat flour for white flour when I made the roux. And even though I love to have sausage in our gumbo I would just have to settle with leaving it out since we recently discovered our source for local sausage uses sugar. Then I went searching at Earthfare for a can of “stewed tomatoes” which as it turns out definitely has more than five ingredients. And Earthfare said they didn’t have any fresh crabmeat on hand, and they don’t carry crabmeat in a can because it doesn’t meet their requirements (and if an entire grocery store chain deems something is “bad” would I want to eat it anyway?). I’d already bought some of the other ingredients by this point so I thought maybe I could make my own stewed tomatoes. But, then what about the crab? And at what point do I stop jumping through hoops just to make one darn recipe?!

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