A change in diet could be your cure for constipation

My 2-year-old daughter, like many other young children, dealt with constipation issues for quite some time. I know it is a lovely subject to address…but there is no denying the fact that what comes out of you is a good indicator of the health of your body.

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My recent motivation to cut out processed foods started because I thought it was the right thing to do. Never did I expect such a drastic and sudden change in my daughter. She used to have such problems with constipation that she would only have one bowel movement, on average, every other day. Sometimes even three or four days would go by, and sometimes it would take less time. And this was after giving her a tall glass of prune juice every morning (that for some reason she would drink willingly).

Now I am the first to admit that my one child is an extremely small sample size, but the change in her was so dramatic – from night to day – that I am still in shock about it. This change in particular is a big part of why I became so convinced about our change in diet and felt compelled to share it with others through this blog. Within the first week of cutting out the majority of our processed foods my daughter’s constipation problems were seriously 100% gone. She went from a bowel movement once every few days to having them twice a day – every day – and sometimes even three times a day. Again, I know this is an embarrassing topic for some, but as a mother these are the things we must concern ourselves with (and the things we celebrate when they are going well)!

The main reason I was so shocked about this drastic change was because I thought we were fairly healthy eaters before. Granted my daughter was somewhat picky, but she was my wheat bread child (wheat bread from the grocery store aisle that is). And, in addition to her bread choice, I always tried to serve her at least one fruit or vegetable (that I knew she would like) at each meal. I was not in the habit of making her a separate kid-friendly dinner every night. For the most part, I thought I was making smart and “healthy” choices for my family (at least in a processed food world). And if this change could have such a considerable and immediate impact on her I can’t imagine what underlying benefits it has given the rest of us.

As I mentioned, many other small children experience similar issues with constipation. I know a lot of those kids can’t manage it just by drinking prune juice and instead have been prescribed medicines like MiraLAX. I can’t help but wonder how many of those doctors suggested trying a drastic change in diet before writing the prescription? I am by no means a medical expert of any sort, but I do like the call it like I see it. You decide.