A look inside a whole foods fridge

Since the most popular Food Illusion post to date has been “A look inside a whole foods pantry” I thought it would be appropriate to expand things by moving onto our fridge. Before I get started I want to answer one question though…yes, I cleaned out my fridge prior to this little photo shoot.  (Click here to see the picture). But for those of you who know me (and my type A personality) well, you also know that this is not very far from the truth. And aside from eating healthy foods or not, I am a true believer of everything in one’s fridge (and pantry) having its very own spot. It drives me crazy when we are staying at someone’s house and you have to spend five minutes trying to find that bag of grapes you know you saw earlier. At our house the answer is always the same…it is in the fruit drawer!

So let me break down the picture starting at the top…

  • A few half-gallon bottles of milk (that we get delivered locally from Lakeview Farms)…we normally order about 7 or 8 bottles at a time and are due for another delivery on Thursday morning. There is also a half-gallon of some local apple cider that we bought on impulse at a little fruit stand up in the N.C. Mountains last weekend.
  • Next shelf down there is a container of homemade applesauce, a couple of figs that are leftover from the farmer’s market, some jars of organic jellies and olives (from Earthfare), a partially eaten apple, and last, but certainly not least…the chocolate torte recipe which I like to turn into little chocolate powerballs. I can barely go a day or two without eating a couple of these!
  • Next, homemade hummus, some 6-ingredient mayo I found (we are still assessing if we like it), organic heavy cream, a couple of containers of organic sour cream and plain yogurt. I also put a container of some mozzarella cheese balls on this shelf only because the cheese spot was too full!
  • On the bottom shelf there is a bag of homemade flour tortillas (yum!), leftover homemade whole-wheat noodles from dinner last night (planning to send some of these in my daughter’s lunch this week), leftover apple/sweet potato side item from dinner tonight, and the start of my kindergartner’s lunch for tomorrow (in the little container with the grapes and carrots).
  • The top drawer, which is lovingly known as the “fruit drawer”, has green grapes, a lemon and lime, some local grape tomatoes (yes, tomatoes are actually a fruit not a vegetable), and blueberries. We actually keep most of our fruit in a bowl on the kitchen table, which at the moment happens to be overflowing with bananas, apples, more tomatoes, pears, a mango, and avocado.
  • The next drawer is the vegetable drawer and contains some celery, carrots, herbs, and peppers from our garden and the farmer’s market. We will get another CSA box from Poplar Ridge Farm on Wednesday so I didn’t want to stock up on veggies too much.
  • The bottom drawer is the meat drawer, which remains fairly empty these days. I am actually considering making that the new cheese drawer or something. Anyway, at the moment it has some leftover local Italian sausage from dinner last night and some gumbo that is defrosting from our freezer (for dinner tomorrow).
  • The door contains a variety of things including butter, local eggs, tahini (for making hummus), pimentos, pure maple syrup, orange juice (which I buy in small containers because we can never drink enough before it spoils), cheese!…we love some cheese, mustard, sesame seed butter (which I unsuccessfully tried on my daughter who goes to the nut-free school), capers, red curry paste (which I think might be pretty old because I don’t even remember what it is from), some more jelly (clearly I need to consolidate the jelly jars), fish sauce, and some organic ketchup from before our 100-day pledge.