Special Announcement: 100 Days of Real Food

After a few months of blogging on The Food Illusion I have decided it is time to do something big, something bold, and something that will get as many people as possible to not only read about eating real foods, but to also make a first-hand commitment to this important change. Therefore, my family and I are launching:

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Today we began our own personal 100 Days of Real Food pledge. I will be posting regular blog updates on to chronicle our journey of eating real food in a processed food world (in addition to my regular posts on The Food Illusion). We are also inviting readers to join in by taking the 10 Days of Real Food pledge. If we can do it for 100 days then absolutely anyone can do it for 10 days!

The new 100 Days of Real Food blog has all of the resources you need to get started with your own 10-day pledge including the following pages:

Check out today’s post on to learn more about what changes we will have to make to our diets and what we will miss the most over the next 100 days. Thank you for your support!