Budget Day 6: Five Bucks Left

Okay, the first week is almost over, I am not broke (yet), and we have enough food to push us through to Monday when I get our next $125! In some ways I think the first week could be the hardest because I am not that good at budgeting yet, but I also think it could be considered the easiest since my kitchen is still somewhat stocked from our non-budget days.

Here is the breakdown of my first week’s expenditures…

  • As reported earlier, Earthfare $67.68
  • Milk Delivery $30.24 (Yes, I already know how everyone feels about this one!)
  • Harris Teeter $0.70 (I needed a lemon to make hummus)
  • Farmers Market $21.00 (click to see picture)

I have five bucks left and plan to take the girls apple-picking today and let them buy $5 worth of apples!

There have also been some lessons learned and changes I plan to implement going forward (some of which were suggestions from blog readers so thank you!)…

  • I am going to try frozen berries in my cereal since fresh are SO expensive. A reader made a great point that frozen berries are probably better than out-of-season berries from another continent. Even Michael Pollan said that there is nothing wrong, and a lot right with frozen veggies/fruit.
  • I printed out a wallet-size card of the dirty dozen/clean fifteen list. I will use this as a guide to help me decide when organic produce is really necessary.
  • I love the idea of shooting for one “cheap week” a month where we hardly spend any money on meals, and instead stock up on staples like eggs, butter, honey, flour, crackers, etc.
  • I am going to figure out the coupon book schedule for Earthfare. I am also going to see if they have some sort of sales ad that I can plan our meals around.
  • I also plan to check out Bi-Lo since a few people said they occasionally have some surprisingly good deals on organic items.
  • I am going to continue doing everything I can to try to keep our super good local milk that all four of us absolutely love!!

We did pretty good sticking to our dinner plan this week except for one evening. After all the cooking I did every night I just didn’t have it in me to experiment with making eggplant gratin on Friday. So I decided to forgo the eggplant all together and instead boiled some pre-made butternut squash ravioli that I had in our freezer. I am going to give the eggplant another shot tonight and probably surprise the girls with some homemade whole-wheat pizza. I will make the pizza sauce with some of the tomatoes that I got from the Farmer’s Market today. So far so good on this new budget!