Budget Day 8: An Unfortunate Visit to Wal-Mart

I tried shopping for food at Wal-Mart today, and it was almost a complete waste of my time. I knew they carried Stoneyfield Organic yogurt so I assumed they must at least have a couple of organic cheese options and maybe even some other inexpensive organic stuff. With the exception of some organic brown rice (which I didn’t buy since it wasn’t quick cooking) and some organic Pam cooking spray, the yogurt was just about the only thing that made it worth going there. And who wants to traverse through a football field size store to save a measly buck or two on three things? I was actually a little relieved I don’t have to go back anytime soon!

I did have a list today though, and due to time constraints I had to do my best at selecting some things that we really needed. Here’s what I got (click to see picture):

  • Large box of Triscuits $3.50
  • Quick cooking brown rice $1.44
  • Starbucks espresso roast ground coffee $6.98
  • Wal-Mart brand Monterey Jack cheese $3.58
  • Organic Pam olive oil spray $2.98
  • Sour cream $0.88
  • 6 bananas $1.48
  • 1 gallon of canola oil $5.98 (I usually buy organic, but this was a good deal)
  • Large organic plain yogurt $3.24

I do admit that the espresso and oil were much better deals than what I would find elsewhere, although the alternatives at a place like Earthfare would be organic or at least “All Natural”. There were also several other things I needed, but I decided to wait until tomorrow when I can get the organic version. I just have a hard time pumping too many pesticide-infused things into my precious daughters, even if it is not on the dirty dozen list! Here’s what I hope to be able to afford from Earthfare tomorrow…

  • Frozen peas
  • Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese
  • Dried dates (I am going through some serious chocolate withdrawal until I get these)
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Grapes and some other fruit
  • Ground meat (beef or turkey)
  • Tomatoes (only if they are local)
  • Peanut Butter
  • I also heard the chicken is buy one get one free…we will see how much $ I have left!

I figure if I need to save $30 for the milk we love (which is delivered on Thursday morning) and about $20 – $30 for farmer’s market veggies on Saturday then I can spend about $35 – $45 at Earthfare tomorrow. That’s even less than last week…I don’t know if it is possible for me to leave there with only spending 40 bucks! I also worked on our dinner list for the week. My husband is out of town on business for a few days so nothing too fancy…

Sunday: Last night we had an egg omelet, baked sweet potatoes and sautéed swiss chard (which the girls and I tried, but did not like!)

Monday: Quesadillas (with leftover cooked bell peppers and onions from fajitas last week…this is why I needed the Monterey Jack Cheese today!)

Tuesday: Spaghetti and meatballs with green beans

Wednesday: Leftovers (hopefully)

Thursday: Kids eat free at Earthfare night (and my husband will be gone)!

Friday: Chicken Soulvakis with chicken from stock I need to make this week too and maybe some roasted butternut squash

In other news I would love to meet those in the Charlotte area at the Hillbilly Produce Fall Festival this Saturday! It is from 1:00 – 3:00 P.M., and I am going to have a table set up so I can chat with people about eating real food. And if anything just stop by for some free samples from several local farms (including Baucom’s Best and Grateful Growers) and to listen to the Bluegrass Band that will be there.

Also, I figured why not combine real food with some exercise so the weekend after that I am running in the Brookhaven 5K in honor of our friend’s son Jake Pritchard. He is 6-years-old and received a heartbreaking diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy a couple of years ago. Our dear friends (his parents) do an amazing job of organizing this annual race, which raises money for finding a cure. It just breaks my heart every time I think about it so I of course want to do anything I can to help them. Which is why I started a little fund raising page (! I am only about halfway to my goal of raising $300 and would absolutely love your support if you are interested in making a small donation. Every last dollar counts!!