Need a wardrobe makeover?

After offering services to friends and family for years, Meredith Brown Tye, 40, of Southpark, decided to go into business for herself and create MBT Styles. She now helps clients with

wardrobe organization, style consultation, and she specializes in total closet clean out and restructuring, while compiling completed outfits with full accessories. Meredith will shop for a client, provide a list, or go shopping together. Keep reading to hear how she can help you!

Q. How did you get the idea for MBT Styles?

A. As I have been providing my organization, styling and shopping services to friends and family for many years, they have been encouraging me to do this. I just recently felt like it was finally the right time to pursue it professionally. It is something that I love to do and it just seemed like I could now fit it into my life.

Q. What types of services do you provide?

A. I provide many different services, specialized to each individual client. Most clients are looking for assistance in their closets with updating and organizing their wardrobe.

One of my services is cleaning out closets with a client, advising on items that need to be given away and making new, innovative outfits with existing items. We all hold onto way too much in our closets, just hoping to wear it again someday. One of my specialties is working with clients to let go of those items and make room for clothes that they will wear year after year in different ways.

This is followed by making a list needed to update, especially accessories and maybe a few items on trend. My expertise is in finding what is flattering on a client, taking into consideration body shape and age. I then suggest places that they can purchase items that would be fitting for them and their budget. I also provide the service of shopping with and/or for the client if they wish.

Organization is key to my service as well. Once we have reduced the clutter to what is really worn in the closet, it is all organized, clean and functional.

Q. How do you help develop a client's personal style?

A. I believe that everyone has a personal style whether they are aware of it or not. We all tend towards certain colors, fits, and fabrics. My goal is to help a client realize what their style is, embrace it and nurture it.

Q. How do you customize the experience for each customer?

A. Some clients are looking for something as simple as creating outfits from their existing wardrobe for the upcoming season, and adding fun accessories. It runs that gamut to clients that truly need all outfits purchased and mapped out for them daily.

Q. What clothing brands do you usually purchase for the client?

A. I have a very wide range of brands and do not stick to certain ones. Every client has a different budget, age and body style. There are so many stores and brands out there that I love and keep tabs on what my clients would like and need.

Q. What does a consultation cost? Full service?

A. Since each client’s service varies, I ask that clients contact me for pricing.

Q. What are the 2014 Spring fashion trends you are seeing?

A. I only believe in following trends if they are relatively inexpensive and work with your age and body type. True trends leave as quickly as they arrive, so we do not need to spend a lot of money on them and we certainly do not all need to follow them. I usually prefer classy and timeless with a little splash of trend.

Q. What can some of our moms do to spruce up their wardrobe?

A. Everyone looks polished walking out the door with a great-looking scarf or necklace. They can be purchased inexpensively and, if worn correctly, can make you look completely put together.

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