Fine-tuning skills with Fundanoodle!

The Fundanoodle education product line originally hit the market in 2011 under the Carolina Pad umbrella. In 2013, April Barnhardt Whitlock of Dilworth, bought the program and launched a new company, Fundanoodle. Designed to develop and improve motor skills in young children, Fundanoodle makes learning fun. Keep reading to find out more about this great product!

Q. How did you get the idea for Fundanoodle?

A. Fundanoodle was originally developed by two pediatric occupational therapists due to a gap in the educational marketplace and without a comprehensive handwriting program that met their client’s needs. The product line was created and further developed under school-supply giant Carolina Pad where April managed the brand. In 2013, successfully raised the capital to spin the company off on its own.

Q. What exactly does the program do?

A. Fundanoodle is an education readiness program designed to develop and improve the foundational skills required for handwriting and everyday activities. Fundanoodle helps kids have fun while helping fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination, encourage touch and visual exploration, and promote problem solving, discovery, and self-esteem.

Q. Why are gross and fine motor skills so important?

A. Motor skills are motions carried out when the brain, nervous system, and muscles work together. Fine motor skills are movements that use the small muscles of the fingers while gross motor skills are the movements that use the large muscles throughout the body. Fundanoodle multi-activity kits are designed to enhance crucial skills needed for overall development. As children learn to use tools such as pencils and scissors, we want to start to see them using their thumb and two fingers to perform activities that require precision. Strengthening the intrinsic hand muscles and refining the use of the thumb and two fingers is important for the pre-writing skills and is critical for the development of later writing skills. Fundanoodle's kits do just that, while sparking learning and imagination, too!

Q. What types of products do you design for the program?

A. Fundanoodle products range from writing tablets to multi-activity kits, all designed to make learning a fun and interactive experience. Organized in developmentally appropriate progression, Fundanoodle activities encourage kids to focus on and complete increasingly complex tasks.

Q. Who did you design the program for?

A. Fundanoodle is for kids ages 3 – 7+ learning at home and in the classroom. Fundanoodle is a great way for parents and kids to engage in meaningful learning experiences together.

Q. Who are the characters for Funadoodle?

A. Max and Alphie serve as guides on children’s journey to school readiness! Max the monkey is bananas about letters and numbers and Alphie is an adventurer that just happens to be Max’s best friend. He is a master of the alphabet and loves helping others write correctly too! Along with their jungle pals, Max and Alphie will lead children on a fun learning adventure!

Q. Tell us about your fun App!

A. Fundanoodle’s ABCs 123s app takes children on a fun filled learning journey with new friends Max & Alphie to learn and practice writing their letters and numbers. The app is available to download for iPad.

Q. Where can we find Funanoodle locally?

A. Fundanoodle can be found at Toys R Us stores nation wide as well as online at and You can purchase Fundanoodle locally at Brilliant Sky in Blakeney.

Q. How much does the kit cost?

A. Products range from $8.99 workbooks to $32.99 multi-activity kits.

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