Need another woman in your life?

Mom of two Sarah Benken, 32 of the University area, began Metros Other Woman in 2009 in Raleigh, NC and branched out to Charlotte in 2010. After juggling work and family life, she knew she needed outside help to find the perfect balance. Keep reading to find out what Sarah discovered in her search!

Q. What is Metros Other Woman and what exactly do you do?

A. Metro’s Other Woman® is an all-in-one service for savvy, forward-thinking individuals and business owners who are on-the-go, but wise enough to delegate and share the load. A fully licensed and bonded business and personal assisting firm, Metro’s Other Woman® understands your busy life. We offer an array of services that cover every last one of those demanding details that complicate your life.

Q. What inspired Metros Other Woman?

A. There was a huge need for work/life balance and I couldn’t find a single company that was offering all of the services we offer. I, myself, had a need for our services like: laundry, dog walking, cooking, and errand running but had trouble locating a company to perform those tasks for me. We had a housekeeper, but she didn’t do the extras. I knew after searching Google and asking friends I was onto something brilliant. The service list was inspired by my own needs and desire to be a one stop shop for all household and small business chores.

Q. What types of services do your clients receive?

A. We provide personal and business assisting services which can be a combination of any: laundry, organization, errands, booking travel, packing/unpacking, house managerial duties, vendor management, dog walking/pet sitting, housekeeping, admin assisting, bookkeeping. Every client is different and every day is different. We can assist with most needs!

Q. Are they mostly short or long term assignments?

A. We have both project and reoccurring clients. Most of our clients are on some sort of maintenance plan – be it 1x a month or 5x a week.

Q. What are your rates?

A. Most services are charged hourly and on a sliding scale. Our most common service is personal assisting. Our Jr. PA rates slide from $25-$20/hr. We created this method of pricing, so that our clients would be allowed discounts for more hours used within a weekly period.

Q. How many locations and employees do you have?

A. We have 2 locations currently servicing clients. We’ve got an additional 2-4 other locations that will open before the end of 2014, with Phoenix opening in June. We currently have 20+ staff members.

Q. Are you currently looking for help?

A. We are always looking for great talent. Most of our staff is part-time & up to 30hrs week. They are predominantly female and have successfully run a household and/or small office. Details and creativity are very important to us. We accept resumes daily.

Q. I see you are expanding. What if our readers would like to own a location?

A. We are currently recruiting partners for the following nearby areas: Lake Norman, Charleston, Columbia, & Greenville. If you would like more info about ‘becoming the other woman’ email us for a partnership package: or check out our website for more info.

Q. What is your best organizational tip for our readers?

A. Don’t be afraid to purge. Let it go! If you haven’t used it in over a year give someone else the pleasure of owning it!

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