A special spot for families to connect and play

Mom of 2, Ashley Vincent, 32 of Davidson, opened Davidson Playhouse July of 2014. Having 2 children 2 years apart, Ashley felt she was constantly chasing one of them while the other ran in the opposite direction. That is when she realized the need for a homegrown space for children to safely play while parents are able to socialize. Keep reading to learn more about Davidson Playhouse and see how you can join!

Q. What exactly is Davidson Playhouse?

Davidson Playhouse is a play space devoted to the physical, emotional, and social development of children. It's a family social group where mommies and caregivers can socialize and meet other families in our community while children play in a comfortable and safe environment.

Q. How did you get the idea for Davidson Playhouse?

A. I haven't always been a stay at home mom and wanted to create a special place for me & my kids. There was not a space where I felt I could take both of my kids that was clean and safe and most of all fun!

I wanted to create an affordable space where families could get to know other families in the community and socialize while our children play. I also wanted to have a space where everyone felt comfortable because I always felt I could never find a place where I could talk & relax and actually have a conversation with another parent.

We are also open for birthday parties - it's the perfect place for kids.

Q. Where are you located?

A. 228 Caldwell Lane in Davidson. We are directly in front of St. Alban's church.

Q. What ages is the playhouse designed for?

A. 0-6

Q. What all can families find at the playhouse?

A. There is a stage where little ones can use their imagination with all of our dress up costumes, a unique kitchen & grocery store, a train table, a lego table, chalkboard walls & table, and a dollhouse.

There are also toys geared for children one and under, and we also have an art room where kids can color, play with playdough, and create art projects!.

Q. What makes the playhouse so unique?

A. Davidson Playhouse is family-run, homegrown business - I am there with my 2 kids and try to make sure everyone feels at home when they walk through the door. I know all the members and their children - our kids have become friends and we have become friends.

We share stories, network, and play with our children in a wonderful environment. It's not just for kids, it's for parents too!

The space is eventually going to be members only; for now, members get first priority on all of our events.

Q. What will a membership get you?

A. Membership has great benefits. Members receive a key so that they can use the playhouse 24-7, as well as free birthday rental, and access to 8 events throughout the month. Last month, we had the Davidson Fire Department come in, and plan to continually incorporate different themes throughout each month.

Q. What are your hours?

A. Members get around the clock, 24-7 access. Guests can use it from 9am-5pm.

Q. What are some of your upcoming events?

A. We have so many exciting upcoming events, and each Wednesday and Friday we have special events, including themed story time with a craft.

September is packed with events – we’ll celebrate grandparents week, host a visit from a local hero, and honor Johnny Appleseed Day, to name a few. Ourfull calendar is available at

All events are free to member and open to non-members at a fee of $5 per child.

You can find more info:



Telephone: (704) 795-8935