Farm Fresh Foods Abound at Cotswold Farmer’s Market

Perfect for bringing kids, the market is small and manageable.
Perfect for bringing kids, the market is small and manageable.

Apparently I have been living under a shopping rock because when a friend asked if I’d like to join her at the Cotswold Farmer’s Market my response was, “There’s no farmer’s market in Cotswold!” Little did I know, there is indeed a market on Saturday mornings, tucked in the heart of Cotswold. And guess what? It’s the perfect spot to introduce your kids to local foods and flavors.

While small, there was just about everything you might be interested in a farmer’s market providing - fruits, vegetables, meat, pasties, desserts, soaps, and even water buffalo cheese! The layout is simple and easy to move through, small enough to let your kids roam free and check out what’s going on. I got there on the late side and missed the morning’s cooking demonstration, but will definitely set the alarm next weekend!


Saturdays, 8am-12pm through October 29

309 S Sharon Amity R. (directly behind the Cotswold Medical Center, which is across Sharon Amity Rd. from the IHOP restaurant at Cotswold Shopping Center)

While I was visiting I saw:

Two Moons Family Farm

King of Pops

Zone 7 Foods

Chef Charles Catering

Windham Gourmet Pimento

Suzie Q’s Farm

Great Harvest Bread

Rosemary Pete’s Herbs

Cloister Honey

Beverly's Gourmet

Fading D Farm

Peaches N’ Cream

Old Sol Produce

Fannie Bragg Pound Cake

The Scone Shop