Tricks for using the leftover treats

It’s that time of year again – when I can’t get the frozen pizzas in the freezer because of all the Halloween candy in there. We freeze it with the idea that throughout the year we can add it to milkshakes and bake pies with it. But you’d have to be a person who makes milkshakes and bakes pies. Which I’m not. So I need some new ideas …

A online search suggests I bring it to the Thanksgiving table – candy up the yams with some candy corn. Or at Christmas, use the wrappers for Christmas cards or decoupage. Yes, by all means, let’s hold on to it for another two months. It’ll take us that long to figure out how to decoupage.

A more reasonable suggestion is to keep it in your purse in case of a sugar fix. Or the need to bribe a child. This works – just don’t carry your purse on a day warmer than 70 degrees.

How ’bout this, “Make an advent calendar for November. Put candy in 30 Dixie cups and cover with tissue, numbering them 1-30. Place the cups sideways on poster board to form a calendar, and let kids punch through the tissue to get their treats each day.”

How awesome is this? You get to go to Michaels and Target and open 30 bags of Skittles. And learn the hard way that you can’t glue a Dixie cup to anything. But you get to start counting down to Christmas in November. Which is REALLY exciting, said no mother ever.

Taking a board game and using the candy as playing pieces, sounds like fun. But if we can’t ever find the race car or the iron in Monopoly, what do you think the chances are that the Snickers bar is still gonna be in there?

It says you can put chocolates in your coffee – makes for a quick and easy mocha. Or you can open bags of little candies like M&Ms and make your own trail mix by adding pretzels, nuts and dried fruit. Geez, again with the cooking …

I actually do find uses for the Halloween candy, but it’s typically for household fix-its. Like those mini Krackel bars are great for leveling a wobbly table. Just jam it under the leg, it really holds.

And Tootsie Rolls are as good as any caulk or sealant. I use them around the door to keep out the draft. And behind the corners of my pictures to keep them from sliding and getting crooked. Obviously, you can’t do this if you have a dog. So we’re just not gonna have a dog.

Actually, I’ll probably just do with the candy what I always do – throw out the gum, do my house repairs, and count down to Christmas by eating a Milky Way every day until the 25th.

And pitch the rest.