The Queen City's own 'Super Mom'

Mom of 9, Kelle Pressley-Perkins, 38 of North West Charlotte, is truly Charlotte’s Super Mom! With children ranging from 21 to 2, Kelle started the Meetup group QueenCity SAHM, initiated the Total Children’s Wellness Fair, and also has her own company, QC Supermom, where she is a doula, product reviewer, mom coach, organizer, and author. And if that’s not enough, she also does marketing for her teen girls businesses. Keep reading to see how this mom does it all!

Q. Tell me a little bit about your businesses.

A. QueenCity Stay At Home Moms now has 330 paid mom members. This is our 5th year collaborating with local professionals, small businesses and large corporations. We have reviewed over 300 products and live shows. In the last 4 years, we have even assisted 12 moms in professional development. These moms were ready and wanted to be employed, to begin as business owners or to grow their businesses.

Q. What about your upcoming Total Children's Wellness Fair?

A. Total Children’s Wellness Airy is a free event focused on children, featuring exciting exhibits, out of the box entertainment, and special learning opportunities. It’s a unique, collaborative celebration of childhood where we bring together all 7 branches of wellness (social, spiritual, environmental, educational, nutritional, physical, and financial) in hopes of empowering healthier families in the Queen City. Kids (unborn to the college student) love it and parents approve of it!

It gives children the opportunity to “learn wellness through empowerment” in a pressure-free setting of fun presentations.

Q. When is the next event?

A. 11.15.2014. It will be a 601.E.7th St. We host it annually on the 3rd Saturday of November.

Q. What types of things will we find at the fair?

A. Baby wearing workshops

Martial Art demos

A fascinating Re-Fashion Show

A mini-chef cook off

Awesome vendors

Live show by Mr. Nigels music

Kids Yoga by Asha Simms

Q. How did you become QC Supermom?

A. In 2006 a friend who worked in health promotions at the health department challenged me to enter a contest that was looking for moms who promoted eating well within their community. This team of moms would be called “Supermoms”.

I thought it was an honor to be selected, but my Johnson and Wales University-educated brain started working in over drive! One day while nursing one of our daughters, I felt really good knowing that I was building her immune system but I also felt like an under achiever because I could do more than just change diapers. I decided that I would not only redesign the image of the stay at home mom, but I would also find ways to make money from home and help other moms enjoy motherhood holistically as well.

Q. How are you able to do it all?

A. I have learned a lot from my parents and my veteran husband. I‘ve learned to delegate, keep things in perspective and remain flexible. When I feel overwhelmed, I step back and allow my husband, or our community family to step up. Our older children are 21,16, 15 and 14. They help out with the 4 smaller ones when they are home.

I also utilize many of Charlotte’s affordable family resources. Going to the library, movies, zoo, University area, indoor kids play parks.even listening to my wind chime on the front porch brings me peace.

Q. Any tips you want to share for multitasking?

A. Create a list and build it by priority. Place it in a spot that you will see it and the children cannot reach. You will be able to complete many objectives that way. You may have to change it, but at least you will have structure and accountability.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your book 101 Ways to be a Great Mom?

A. It’s what to do after “1, 2, 3” doesn’t work. As a wife and mother of 5 boys and 4 girls, I share quick 1-4 liners and tips on strategies to make parenting easier all while keeping your identity of a woman achievable.

It is available online on my site

Q. How can our readers connect with you and find out more about children's wellness?


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