Real estate is all in the family

Mom of 2, Leigh Thomas Brown​, 39 of Harrisburg, opened her first RE/MAX franchise in 2003 along with her father. Currently Leigh has a team of 15 members, along with their teams with over 200 agents! Leigh also coaches realtors domestically and internationally on how to create a great client experience. Keep reading to hear more about Leigh’s journey!

Q. What drew you to real estate?

A. My dad had been a Realtor since 1978 and after I had enough of the corporate world, I finally gave in to his requests that I join him. SO glad I listened to him! Real estate truly is the last bastion of entrepreneurialism left in America and represents so many opportunities to build what you want.​

Q. How was it starting a franchise with family?

A. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. My dad is the penultimate good guy-everyone loves him and he sees the best in everyone. So we definitely have a great balance. Key for us was establishing clear job descriptions so we always knew who would be in charge of what. The hard part is 'turning it off' and we don't do that well but we have learned to balance the conversations.​

Q. What do you specialize in?

A. Residential real estate​ is our speciality.

Q. How would you describe the Charlotte market today?

A. We are army-crawling out of the hole and all positive news is good. We are still more sluggish than I would like-right now, it's like Thanksgiving got here early-not dead but slower than usual.

Q. How many homes per week is your team closing?

A. We are at the closing table an average of every 1.2 days.​

Q. Any tips for people thinking about putting their home on the market?

A. Remember that you are about to liquidate an asset, and it's hard to separate the emotion from the investment. Now is a perfect time to hire a stager and professional lawn care expert to get the house ready for great curb appeal come spring. Remember that our market is NOT what you see on HGTV. Your local Realtor can tell you what our buyers say and help you prepare for them. Always put yourself in the buyers' shoes and remember that while carpet/paint/decorating allowances may have worked in the past, today's buyer is strapped for time and wants a turnkey experience.​

Q. How did you get into teaching other agents?

A. I feel that it's my duty to help make our industry better by teaching other agents how to create a better client experience, to develop life balance, and take seriously this job of handling what is for most people their largest financial instrument. I also really love a microphone, so I enjoy the opportunity to speak and teach!​

Q. What do your talks usually cover?

A. Creating life balance through using systems. Creating a better client experience by being systematized and by asking better questions. I also talk about using technology to better market sellers' homes and to reach buyers in current channels. I also talk about finding your 'why' in life - and that applies not just real estate - that is ALL of us.​

Q. Where all do you get to travel?

A. Throughout the United States-and recently, Canada and Spain as I speak to international Realtors.​

Q. What makes a great client experience?

A. Communication. Understanding where the client IS in their life transition and understanding that it's not just about the house, it's about the experience. People want to be HEARD.​

Q. How do you balance your work and family life?

A. Be where you ARE. I schedule my time carefully to make sure my kids and my husband get the best of me. When I am with them, I am WITH them. When traveling, Facetime has been a huge blessing for me.​

You can find more information at: and phone is 704.705.7036​