Nutrition & health can really be simple

After working together for over 12 years, Wyndie (Klingensmith) Stitt, 39 of SouthPark, began Simply Healthy with her partner Theresa in late 2013. Since then they have been helping local residents make healthy lifestyle changes and more. Keep reading to see how they can help transform you and your family!

Q. How did you and Theresa come up with Simply Healthy?

A. Focusing on your wellness and making choices about your health can seem overwhelming. But we want to help people realize that it can be simple. As long as you gain information, decide to do something and take those steps! So we thought "Simply Healthy" was a good description of what we believe and what we support others to accomplish!

Q. What exactly does Simply Healthy do?

A. We listen. We coach. We encourage. We help you take your wellness goals or information that you've been told about your wellness and turn it into a plan that has reachable goals. We love to talk to people about choices and we love to be there as people are putting those choices into action.

Q. What do you personally specialize in?

A. I encourage women to really love who they are. Right now. And I love to empower moms who have children or family members with food sensitivities.

Q. What are some of your favorite meals?

A. I’m really into quinoa with veggies right now and vegetarian chili with a salad. It's busy during the week so I love meals that can be prepped and prepared ahead of time.

Q. What is your typical weeknight meal and breakfast?

A. Weeknight meals right now are a lot of versions of Mexican food, with a healthy spin. For us that means without the sour cream and cheese.

As far as breakfast, I don't eat a full meal right when I wake up but I have a smoothie or shake with protein from a vegetarian source - flax, chia, hemp, etc. Later in the morning I have eggs and fruit.

Q. Are there any foods or ingredients that we should avoid?

A. Foods and ingredients are a personal thing. Not everyone does well eating the same things. But as far as avoiding I would say sugar first. Then I would say artificial coloring and preservatives.

Q. What are some signs that you might be intolerant or sensitive to certain foods?

A. Our doctors say that food sensitivities manifest in so many ways. The best thing to do is to keep a food diary for a couple of weeks if you suspect that something isn't "feeding" you well. The sensitivity can be physical and emotional. And it can show up immediately or within a couple of days later. Look for patterns. Then take that information to your doctor.

Q. Your daughter has severe food allergies. How did you overcome those allergies, especially when eating out?

A. Well, for a couple of years we really didn't eat out. Now because of changes with her and because of the amazing options we have in Charlotte, there are a few restaurants where she can order off of the menu.

If we have a social gathering that centers around a meal I bring hers or bring a dish that is safe and yummy for her and share with everyone. Feeling included is really important when everyone shares a meal so I focus on that for her.

Q. Any tips for our readers on how they can make a simple change to become healthier?

A. My best tip is really 2 things:

1 - Crowd out what isn't serving you with things that do.

2 – Make a choice right now in this moment to do something that makes a positive impact for your life.

Q. Does Simply Healthy offer workshops? Anything else to look forward to in 2015?

A. We offer workshops and we love to speak to groups as well as provide one-on -one coaching. And we have a 10-Day Rejuvenation planned for February that will be an online/daily email program. Check out our website for upcoming events!

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