Keep it safe - lock those car doors

Getty Images/moodboard RF

Kids...check. Purse...check. Backpacks...check. Key...where are the keys? WHERE are the keys?!

I will admit, I have often solved this problem by leaving the keys hidden in the car. After all, that way I know exactly where they are.

Unfortunately, according to a CMPD press release nearly 80 percent of reported car thefts in Charlotte happened when the suspect found and used the vehicle keys. Even worse, recent numbers show a 24 percent increase in automobile thefts compared to last year, with 1354 cars reported stolen to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department this year already.

CMPD is increasing its efforts to curb the growing trend, making fourteen arrests in the last week, but advises drivers to make sure all vehicle doors are locked when parked, no matter where the car is parked. Further, the department reminds drivers to close garage doors when cars are parked inside.

Seems like common sense, but for this key-losing mom it’s going to be tough.