New Wearable Technology Tracks Baby’s Breast Milk Intake

One of the trickiest parts of breastfeeding a newborn is knowing if baby is getting enough to eat. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, about 50 percent of mothers cited insufficient milk supply as their reason for stopping breastfeeding. But how’s a mom to know? Now there’s an app for that.

To support breastfeeding mothers, Momsense has created the Smart Breastfeeding Meter, which measures and tracks a baby’s breast milk volume intake when nursing. The patented technology uses a microphone-embedded sensor that is placed underneath baby’s earlobe and connects to a smart phone application to track and report how much breast milk the baby is consuming and also allows mothers to listen to the sound of their baby’s nursing swallows. This device is part of the company’s efforts to support breastfeeding mothers and encourage prolonged breastfeeding through their babies’ first months, as recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

The Smart breastfeeding Meter can be purchased at,,, and