#CLTFreeWorkout Makes Family Workouts Fun & Free

Fitness should be a part of family fun, but getting the entire family involved can be tricky. #CLTFreeWorkout, a partnership between OrthoCarolina & #thesavageway, just may be the answer moms, dads, and kids in Charlotte are looking for. Utilizing Clean Graffiti, six free workouts in six neighborhoods around Charlotte help make fitness and a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. These are free, bodyweight-based workouts designed by an OrthoCarolina medical provider that user can do at their own pace on their own time.

“The experience of working out can sometimes be just as important as the workout itself,” said Bruce Cohen, CEO of OrthoCarolina. “Exercise can seem intimidating, whether the reasons are physical, mental or even financial, but it’s something we know is an important element of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes just taking that first step to get out there and give it a try can encourage the inner athlete in all of us.”

The workouts take place along an approximately 800-1,000 foot stretch of sidewalk in each neighborhood and involve six bodyweight exercises. The full routine will take participants through the workout five times, and can be modified as needed. #CLTFreeWorkout locations can be found in Dilworth, West Charlotte, Sedgefield, NoDa, Cherry and Wilmore and you’ll know you’ve found your workout when you see a start stencil that says “Start Your #CLTFreeWorkout here.”

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