Rest easy with Pickles to Perfection

Heather Strader, 42 of Davidson, founded both Pickles to Perfection and Organic Mama Deals in 2014. Pickles to Perfection is a unique bed rest concierge service that also offers other fantastic birth services. On top of that, Heather has grown her Facebook deal group to over 1,000 members. Keep reading to learn how Heather can help you!

Q. How did you get the idea for Pickles To Perfection?

A. The idea for Pickles to Perfection was conceived when I was pregnant with my 4th child after a big age gap and I was searching for the all-important stroller. After a trip to my neighborhood big-box retailer, I quickly realized (after viewing the mountain of choices) that buying one that was safe, comfortable, durable and affordable might require more research.

I concluded that I am probably not the only one overwhelmed with these sorts of choices for their babies and toddlers. Also, I was faced with small amounts of bed rest while pregnant and thought a lot about those moms-to-be who do not have family or friends locally to help while they were resting, so I wanted to offer that service as well.

Q. What exactly do you do?

A. Having a child is one of the most important decisions that any family or individual can make. Creating a plan is a crucial first step. As a premiere baby planner, I will help you prepare for the arrival of your baby, which can include both pre and post-natal help.

We will discuss birthing options, parenting techniques, how to manage your time, home preparation, along with other timely topics. As your baby planner, I offer consultations and packages that will help you understand such things as your birthing options, strategies for greening your home and nursery, optimizing your baby registry. In addition, I offer recommendations for other services, such as lactation advice, postpartum doulas and much more.

Q. What types of things do you do for those on bed rest?

A. We’ll get you set up with online grocery shopping, in-home or hospital spa treatments, in-home baby gear classes, custom and registry set up and management. If it’s important to you not to bring any baby items into your home until your bundle of joy arrives safely home, we can store your selected items and launder and prepare everything when you let us know the time is right.

We also offer personal shopping, nursery set-up and organization, birthing classes and infant care classes brought to your home. Birth Plans, C- Section Survival Workshops, in-home bedrest mamma pampering packages for home or in the hospital, childcare options research and evaluation, pediatrician research and selection assistance, on-going connection and support during bed rest, and in-home Going Green with Baby workshop are some of the other services we offer.

Q. What classes do you offer and where are they usually held?


First or Second Trimester Classes we recommend:

Safe Home for Baby

Expectant Parent Tour

New Beginnings

Budgeting for your Baby

29 to 35 Weeks Classes we recommend:

Boot Camp for New Dads


Car Seat Inspection

Cesarean Childbirth

Infant CPR

Infant and Child CPR

Grandparenting Class

Grandparent Tour

Introduction to Infant Massage

Labor Support


Prepared Parent Childbirth

Naturally Prepared Childbirth Class

Sibling Tour

Taking Care of Baby

Taking Care of Baby/Infant CPR Combination Class

Transition Into Motherhood

Transition Into Parenting

The following class is recommended for parents who have previously attended classes:

Refresher Childbirth

The following classes are designed for parents and babies to attend together, after the baby is born:

B.A.B.Y (Beginning A Beautiful Year)

Infant Massage

Back to Work: Breastfeeding Class

These are all offered at various locations depending on where the client lives

Q. At what stage do you usually help moms-to-be?

A. From first trimester usually but there are always the post-baby moms or even those wanting help with fertility.

Q. Do you offer any post-partum help or care?

A. Yes, I have several partners that assist with that area.

Q. What are your fees?

A. I have hourly fees and package deals, also living social runs my packages.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your Facebook group Organic Mama Deals and how it started.

A. It is a wonderful group of women who love to live organic who offer lots of support and interesting items at great prices. A lot of the items are used in Push Packs for Pickles to Perfection and to help the women I serve.

Q. What types of products do you usually sell?

A. Some items are Sitz baths for new moms, nipple cream, reusable breast pads and baby wipes, cloth diapering items, wellness items such as teas, essential oils, nursing ponchos, amber teething necklaces, chew beads and fun children items.

Q. How does it work?

A. People request to join private group and then products are listed daily.

Q. How long has the group been running?

A. 4 months

You can find more information at:

Facebook - OrganicMamaDeals