3 ways to Pique Your Child's Interest in Music

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It is no secret that learning music has all sorts of benefits for kids. However, with competing extracurricular activities like sports it can be difficult to pique your child’s interest in music. Here are some tips:

1 - Listen to music with your kids

The biggest influence on a kid’s development is their parents. Exposing your children to music at a young age will help them appreciate the music you like, and they will feel engaged and connected to your musical tastes. They will in turn develop their own musical taste, and begin listening to their music with the same passion that you listen to yours. After all, to learn music you must first like it!

2 - Take them to shows!

There are plenty of opportunities to take your kids to see live, age-appropriate music around Charlotte. is one of many resources for finding great local music events around town. There is nothing more inspiring to young aspiring musicians than seeing pros do it live on a real stage.

3 - Find a FUN music instructor

The days where your music instructor is a drill sergeant are long gone. The quickest way to make a child lose interest or even fear music is to have a scary music instructor. It is important for music lessons to be informative and educational, but equally important is that they are fun. The best way to keep your child interested in music is if music is fun. Listen to your child talk about their music lessons—if they aren’t having fun, maybe it is time to look for a new teacher.

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