Why Modern Martial Arts is Right for the Whole Family

East Coast Fighters offers classes for all interests and skill levels in martial arts as well as classes for children and on-site childcare.
East Coast Fighters offers classes for all interests and skill levels in martial arts as well as classes for children and on-site childcare.

Mere decades ago, the world of martial arts was mysterious and abstract to the onlooker, and severely intimidating to the newcomer. By all indications, only those who’d trained for years under the most arduous of conditions could participate in martial arts practice and competition, and becoming “a martial artist” simply didn’t seem like something a regular person like us could do. It was reserved for dojo masters who spoke in metaphors, Bruce Lee, Batman, and the characters from Street Fighter.

While some portion of this mystique has carried over into the modern world, lots of instructors and schools have helped to demystify martial arts, and today, men, women, boys, and girls try classes, enjoy them, join the family atmosphere at their local dojo, and start rapidly reaping the many rewards of their training. Modern dojos have made martial arts accessible to the entire family, and these classes have become some of the best workouts available to folks of any age for improving full-body strength, cardiovascular fitness, and overall health and spirit.

Benefits of martial arts classes at any age include:

- great training for listening skills, attention to detail, and responsibility.

- improvement in focus, which will extend to all facets of life.

- embedded culture of respect, discipline, and strength of character.

- excellent workout for cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

- self-confidence and pride of accomplishment bred from learning, growing, and meeting goals.

Check out these three types of classes you’ll find to see which might be just the right ft for you and your family.

Traditional Martial Arts Classes

Fam Friendly Martial Arts Picture 2 (Traditional Martial Arts Classes)

Classes in traditional martial arts, such as Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kung Fu, etc., are available at most martial arts schools for students of any experience level and any fitness level. The world of martial arts has become open and inclusive for anybody with the desire to learn and improve; not only are newcomers universally welcomed, but usually the more experienced students at a school take it as a point of pride to help the newcomers learn techniques the right way and keep them focused.

Lots of folks have interest in learning a martial art, but are deterred from starting for a number of reasons: I might get hurt; I might get embarrassed; I might not be able to keep up. The reality of the martial arts world is that every student is not only allowed, but encouraged, to work at their own pace, coached through the techniques they have trouble with, and never placed in a dangerous situation.

Fitness-Focused Classes

Fam Friendly Martial Arts Picture 3 (Fitness-Focused Classes)

Fitness Boot Camp style classes, or classes like Fitness Kickboxing which combine boxing or kickboxing techniques with plyometrics and other cardio exercises, have become popular for athletes who want to make sure their workout pushes them physically, but have busy lives and/or don’t have the interest in committing their time and energy to learning all the finer nuances of a martial art.

Fitness-focused classes are great for young professionals or parents because they’re drop-in-style programs that anyone can start anytime, but also provide a great workout for even a very fit athlete. Simply put, everyone works out, does their best together, and leaves feeling great.

Youth Classes

Fam Friendly Martial Arts Picture 4 (Youth Classes)

Youth martial arts classes often include games or other fun activities to make the classes enjoyable and engaging, and usually instruction on respect for elders, peers, and oneself. Many different martial arts are available for children to start at a young age. Children who train in martial arts often grow into natural leaders, develop a strong sense of morals, and learn to set and exceed goals.

Often, parents have the preconception that they can’t arrange their schedule to join a gym because they need to watch their kids in the evening. In actuality, today parents and kids can come to the gym together, train in their own respective arts, and bond in doing so. Youth instructors use techniques to build their students’ confidence and help the students see that they’re a star as long as they participate and give their best effort.

Well, which group are you part of? The modern martial arts gym has grown to be a family-friendly environment, providing some of the best workouts and purest enrichment available to all family members and generations today. Look into the gyms near you, and find the one with passionate instructors and an aura that resonates with you; it may be one of the best things your life has been missing.

East Coast Fighter is located in SouthEnd in Charlotte and offers a variety of classes and training styles for all ages, as well as a generous childcare program for kids not enrolled in classes, making working out even easier for parents. For more information, scheudles and classes, visit