New CVS Curbside Pickup Makes Life Easier

Most moms I know are often challenged to complete their daily “To Do” lists. On the most hectic days I fantasize about ways to make things go faster and easier (Flying cars? Self-loading dishwashers? Personal shoppers and errand runners?) Enter CVS Pharmacy.

Busy moms everywhere will be excited to learn that CVS has developed an app that allows you to complete your drugstore errands without ever getting out of your car. Using the express function from your CVS phone app you may make purchases virtually and charge them to your pre-configured account. When your order is ready for pick up you’ll receive notification via text and email, and upon your arrival your purchases will be delivered to your car.

CVS notes that if you have an infant or small children, or if it’s pouring rain, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of coming into the store to shop. Of course, you don’t have to say why you are utilizing their sweet app when you use it. CVS is not here to judge. Even if you’re using the app because you forgot to set an alarm and are still in your PJs post carpool drop-off, and your “infant” is now fourteen years old, you are still totally cool to express-app that errand right on out.

Please note that prescriptions are not available through this process (most, but not all, non-prescription items are available). Also, you may not make changes to an order once it has been placed and once your order is confirmed, you can’t cancel it – although you can return items up to 60 days later with a receipt or by showing your curbside pick up history.

And let’s say it’s one of those days – you forgot that it was your day to assist with character education at your kid’s school, or your staff meeting at work that was supposed to last an hour has gone on for three – when you are knocked completely off schedule and can’t make it to get your order the day you placed it. There’s no reason to worry; CVS will hold it for 48 hours before re-shelving your stuff.

It sounds like CVS Pharmacy totally gets you, mom. If you are interested in getting it, you may find more information about the Curbside Pickup app option here.