5 Apps to Help Kids Get Ready for Kindergarten

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There is no shortage of apps geared for pre-K kids heading into their first year of school. The trick is finding high-quality educational programs that help build important literacy, math, and concentration skills and using them with your kid to model engaged thinking and lifelong learning.

Here are a few to consider:

-Reading Rainbow

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Based on the famed PBS show, this app exposes your child to a robust vocabulary. Discuss the text before, during, and after reading to help build comprehension and prediction skills.

-Letter School

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Pencils, crayons, and markers are always good for developing the fine motor skills needed to write, but this app is a great way to encourage correct letter and number formation.

-Endless Alphabet

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With a charming cast of creatures and an ever-growing collection of regularly updated vocabulary words, Endless Alphabet helps foster letter recognition and phonics.

-Memory Train

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Practice with this fast-paced memory game can help your child build focus _ a great skill to have when they're surrounded by the commotion commonly found in the classroom.


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With a focus on counting and number recognition, TallyTots is a great way to encourage strong early math skills. You can help develop math sense by working alongside your child and talking through the process.


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