6 Tips for Consignment Sale Rookies

Earn money while cleaning out the nursery and playroom! Sounds too good to be true right? It’s not! Consignment sales are the perfect opportunity to clean out whatever holds those new and gently used baby, kid and teenage items and still make money in the process. The whole consignment sale process may seem a little intimidating for a first time consignor. Don’t let it scare you away!

Heed these consignment sale tips from Kim Willaby, owner of the area’s top-rated consignment sale, The Upscale Weesale, so you head into your 1st time consignor role looking like a seasoned pro.

1. Find Your Perfect Match - Take past consignment sale shopping experiences into consideration. If you left one sale feeling underwhelmed, but have always had luck buying must-haves at another, then maybe this is your consignment sale match! Other things to consider as a 1st time consignor are the sales:



Accepted Brands

Season (Spring/Summer vs. Fall/Winter)

Type of Sale

Sign-up Fee

Consignor Earning Percentage and Perks

2. Time is On Your Side - Depending on when the consignment sale is, you should always give yourself a month or two to really comb through all the baby, kid and teen items that you have accumulated. Give yourself time to:

Gather all your items and separate into piles based on size, like items, etc.

Sort through items to review condition

Try to match tops with bottoms (sets sell quickly!)

Make sure toys are cleaned, have fresh batteries and have all parts

Check to see if any items have been recalled

3. Pricing, Hangers and Printing, Oh My! - After doing some serious pile making and possible purging of items that just don’t make the consignment sale cut, get to pricing, hanging and tagging! This may seem like the most intimidating part of consignment sales. At The Upscale WeeSale, we have consignors enter each item into our computer system. This makes it easier for us and consignors to keep track of items, as well as a faster way for tags to be printed and produced without handwriting labels! If this feels like an overwhelming task, some consignment sales, like The Upscale WeeSale, offer a fee-based tagging service where we price, hang and tag all items for you!

When pricing, you can find helpful guides just by searching Google, but you really should be thinking, “what would I pay for this item at a consignment sale?” Remember to price items to sell! You want to make money while cleaning out your closets!

Each sale differs with how items need to be hung on hangers, as well as what type and size hanger is allowed. Pins are often required to secure clothing items, as well as large Ziploc bags to keep loose items contained. When printing tags, make sure the ink is dark and not smudged. Stock up on ink and cardstock before the sale so you don’t have to run to Target for last minute tagging supplies!

4. Sale Percentage + Ways to Earn More - Know how much you are getting back at the end of the day! When it comes to a consignment sale, consignors only make back a set percentage of their earnings. What percentage do you earn back? Depends on the sale! Upscale WeeSale consignors earn 66%. Look for additional ways to make more of a percentage back or wave a sign-up fee like volunteering for one or more shifts.

6. Getting Items To and From the Sale - Dropping off and picking up your items can be stressful for first time consignors. When signing up to consign, choose a pickup and drop off time (if the sale offers it) that works best for YOUR schedule. Loading and unloading your car may be tricky, so confirm with the sale if they offer carts, bins or other devices to help you move your toys, clothes, baby items and more with ease. Often times sales will offer to donate any unsold items, thereby giving you the opportunity to contribute to a good cause, while also avoiding picking up your items. Upscale WeeSale consignors who opt to have their items donated need to check the ‘donate’ checkbox during the entry process. Donation receipts will be available to download after the sale is over.

Ready to consign or shop? Check out the upcoming Upscale WeeSale details:

Shiland Hills Shopping Center - 2685 Celanese Road Rock Hill, SC 29732

Shopping Days and Hours:

Volunteer Presale

Sunday, September 11: 1pm – 9pm *Staggered shop time based on volunteer shifts worked

Consignor Presale

Monday, September 12: 6pm – 9pm

Charity PreSale

Tuesday, September 13: 6pm – 9pm

Wednesday, September 14: 5pm – 9pm *4pm early entry with 3 canned goods per person)

Thursday, September 15: 10am – 7pm

Friday, September 16: 10am – 4pm

Saturday, September 17: 10am – 4pm *Most items will be 50% off, determined by consignors

Sunday, September 18: 1pm – 4pm *Most items will be 50% off, determined by consignors

For more information visit: