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Looking for a summer sitter?

Queens University of Charlotte is about to release the Summer 2009 Service Referral List with the names of 30 – 40 students looking to offer their services this summer. The list will be made available on Wednesday, May 20.

The list provides you with student names, contact information, availability, year and area of interest (child care, tutoring, house care, house sitting pet care, pet sitting, lawn care and other odd jobs). The summer list is $15 and the proceeds flow directly back to our student body at large as we place the funds into the SRL Fund and purchase community items such as Adirondack chairs for the Quad, conference room furniture and art work for the Student Life Conference Room for clubs and organizations.

Please send a self-addressed stamped #10 white (long) envelope with a check made payable to Queens University of Charlotte for $15. Upon receipt, we will send out a list to you in the stamped envelope provided.

Send request to:

Queens University of Charlotte

1900 Selwyn Avenue

MSC 1403-SRL

Charlotte, NC 28274

You may contact and interview students at your discretion.