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Our faves at Discovery Place

By Meredith

The culmination of Discovery Place’s $31.6 million, 18-month reconceptualized museum is finally complete.

Two of my kids and I got a tour recently, and I must say, we are truly fortunate to have such an educational and entertaining facility in our own backyard! Many of the new exhibits demonstrate the interconnectedness of the world and include many hands-on, unique and technologically advanced displays to entertain children of all ages, and adults alike!

Some must-see highlights of renovated Discovery Place include:

• World Alive, the museum’s newest addition and largest exhibition. Explore a renovated and upgraded rainforest, a larger and more expansive aquarium and two hands-on lab areas where you can touch, observe and experiment with living science and natural history collections. (The aquariums and the jellyfish in particular were especially enjoyed by my family…so beautiful to watch when they are not stinging you in the ocean!)

• Fantastic Frogs is a display about extraordinary frogs and their ability to survive. Of particular interest to my children were the frogs with “eyes on their butts” as a defensive disguise.

• Think it Up highlights including the Sound Space, where you use motion to create music, and Designing Footwear, where you are given materials to design and create your own footwear. Check out the stations where you can email pictures of your creations.

• Cool Stuff/Explore More Stuff areas include the lift area, using pressure or pulleys to lift things up and down. We especially enjoyed the “look/move” section where you can use sound (music) to bring iron dust “creatures” to life. And I spent a great deal of time exploring the thermography camera that measures and photographs heat waves in the body instead of light waves.