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On the hunt for bargains to wear now

I love a deal. Especially when it comes to clothes. And right now, boy, are there deals to be had.

I just got a new coat. The original price would have gotten me kicked out of my house. But the sale price, at 70 percent off, makes me a hero. And really warm.

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I never buy anything full price. Because I don't want to buy anything I can't wear that night. And new clothes come out a whole season ahead of when you're going to wear them.

Like right now, all the spring stuff has arrived. But it's 30 degrees outside. Why pay top dollar for that great blouse that you can't even take out of the bag because your closet's too full of wool dresses and fleece sweaters?

And I would be too consumed with when exactly I'd be able to wear it. Technically, I guess that would be the first day of spring. But I know the first warm day, I'd be busting that thing out trying to show it off. Everyone else would be wearing their thinnest cotton long sleeve shirt, demonstrating smooth winter-to-spring transition. And there I'd be in some sleeveless silk floral, wishing I had some fleece to tone it down.

So I wait for the actual season to roll around, and then I venture out. By then, the prices have dropped. I get what I want. I get my discount. And I get to wear it to the movies that night. It's good.


The designer stuff - the good stuff - the swanky, runway, cutting-edge stuff, is still out of my price range. And there is only one way to get the good stuff at a drastically reduced price. And that is to buy it at the end of the season.

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If I were going to try to get ahead of this thing, I'd save my money and do all my shopping for next winter at the bitter end of this winter. Then pack it away and pull out all the spring stuff I bought at the end of last spring. Followed by all my new summer stuff bought at the end of last summer. A brand-new designer wardrobe, every season, purchased well below retail.

But then is it really a deal? I mean, does it even make sense to wait for the fancy stuff to be reduced? I normally buy the discounted cheap stuff. And just because the fancy designer stuff is cheaper, it ain't never gonna be cheaper than the cheapest cheap stuff.

Besides, bitter-end-of-the-season-sales on designer clothes are slim blog post photopickin's. You can't find your size. And even if you decide to compromise and go a bit bigger - or a squeeze tighter - it's a color you wouldn't be caught dead in. And you end up buying the only thing that's left. But Michael Kors leggings and a Dolce Cabo scarf do not a wardrobe make.

So I'll take the coat. And wait for spring.