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Info, please: Let's get the good stuff

I call 411 to get the phone number for a theater, and the gal asks if she can look up a movie time for me. I think she's joking. But then she gives it to me.

So I call 411 again. And instead of asking for a number, I ask for the next showing of “Julie and Julia” at Philips Place. And the girl says, “1:15.”

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Finally. The information people are offering good information. And it's not automated, these are real people giving useful info. This could be the start of something big. Movie times are just the beginning…

Just imagine. You're in your kitchen and you want to boil eggs. But you can't remember how long to leave them in the water. So you call 411 and ask.

Wanna know who's on Oprah today? Call information. Disappointed it's not Meryl Streep? While you got them on the phone, ask which talk show has Meryl Streep. “The View” has her? Awesome.

Got a hankering for sea bass? Get the 411 on which restaurant has it as tonight's special. And make the reservation while you're at it. Then ask if Labor Day really is the absolute last day you can wear white, because you were thinking of wearing your white cropped pants.

Call to ask when the bus is really coming. What's for lunch in the cafeteria. And who to call to get fall break scheduled the same week at every school so we don't have to pick our favorite child to take to the Grand Canyon.

Call to find out what's on special at the grocery store. When Marshall's next big delivery is. And when the fall clothes in the retail stores start going on sale.

Since they are so good with numbers and times, I'd call to ask if it's true that you lose 700 hours of sleep the first year with a new baby. And if I've got two babies, how many years will it take to catch up on 1,400 hours of sleep?

And if the preschool deducted all the days of early dismissal, teacher workdays and holidays from our tuition, how much money would we save?

As for actual phone numbers, there are only a few I really want. I want the direct line for Dell technical support. I want the number to that phone on Steve Carrell's desk in “The Office” so I can crank-call him between takes. And I want Sting's cell number. I wouldn't call him. I just think it'd be so cool to see him on my contacts list.

Oh, and I want Meryl Streep's home number. Just so I can leave her a message. That she is just so good in that movie.