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School's back in, so now I can "relax"

I am so glad that school's about to start. All this running around all summer to camps and the pool - packing and unpacking - trying to keep everybody entertained all the time. I'm worn out. Now I can send them to school and be done with it all.

I mean there'll probably be like, a class party or a field trip or something. Might have to help out with that. And there's probably some back-to-school something or other, maybe a Fall Festival. I heard something about a Curriculum Night and a PTA meeting, but no biggie.

I'm just gonna keep it real simple. I mean, I might lend a hand with the Book Fair, but that's really it. I could see them asking me to be at the Prospective Parent Open House - maybe give a tour, blah blah blah, it's all good, just a few things here and there.

The trick is to not over-commit. Because little league baseball is four days a week, so you want to have some downtime. But you know, one big activity a week is manageable, and Tae Kwon Do is only one day a week, and Cub Scouts is on Sundays, so that doesn't really count, so as long as we don't have a lot going on, the school year will be low key.

It's time management. That's all it is. And there are plenty of teacher workdays to get ahead on the one or two things I do decide to commit to.

Like maybe during the elementary school teacher workdays we bake for the Bake Sale. And maybe during the preschool teacher workdays we gift shop for Staff Appreciation Week.

Get a jump on the T-shirt they have to make for the First 100 Days celebration - get out the BeDazzler - maybe get the first 30-60 studs in, so you don't have to do all 100 at once. Or go basketball shoe shopping, because I remember something about a Teacher/Student basketball game and some sort of dinner that I'll need to help with.

But then leave it at that and just enjoy the fall. So when you get into the holiday season you can just kick back a bit. I mean, sure, I might jump in and help with the holiday party, that's fun. Maybe sew costumes for all the Pilgrims when they perform the history of Thanksgiving. And it only takes a few hours to find a small tree and decorate it for the classroom.

But just not get so involved that you can't enjoy Mother/Son bowling, the Honors banquet, Muffins For Moms and Donuts for Dads. Conferences, Summer Reading Celebration, Spring Arts Event, and every time they sing, act, dance or win an award. Otherwise you might get burned out or something.

I'm just glad they're going to be back in school. I am soooo ready to chill.