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A school directory to love

I love school directories. They really have come a long way. They finally have home numbers and cell phone numbers. And e-mail addresses. We can now organize a bake sale in six minutes.

But I wouldn't say these things are totally complete. Being in a school boundary dispute, I really do see the value of having the student body broken down by neighborhood, ZIP code, and proximity to the building. I know that sounds picky, but these numbers are actually very hard to come by.

And on that subject, I'd love it if they had the television schedule next to the Board of Education schedule. That way I can remember to tape "So You Think You Can Dance" when I have to watch school board meetings on TV.

I like the calendar that tells you what days we won't have school. But I wish it would tell us what to do on those days. It feels sort of incomplete, you know? It's like, "Hey, you got a whole day that you're usually here, so go - do - whatever it is that you do . . ." Sort of leaves you hanging, you know?

I also wish they'd do some cross-referencing. With computer technology today, it wouldn't take long. Like, I would love to see a list of my personal good friends. Then a list of my son's good friends. Then a cross-reference of the two, so I have a list of the ideal families to have play dates with.

And then maybe a list of kids within a one-mile radius, cross-referenced with the moms who drive carpool in the morning, so I know who to call if we miss the bus. And then maybe that same list of one-mile radius kids, cross-referenced with stay-at-home moms, so I know where to send my kid to play when I can't figure out what to do with him.

I wouldn't mind a page in the directory that actually directed me to some places. I'm always interested to know where to get the kids some cheap shoes, a quick meal, and a good haircut. Or is it good shoes, a cheap meal and a quick haircut? I think it all sounds good. See? We really need it.

And maybe a directional on how to use the credit card machine when you work the book fair. It's too stressful to get a tutorial with five impatient moms standing in front of you, waiting to check out. And make sure it explains how to do the tax thing, too - what do you multiply it by? And do you have to move the decimal?

These are just suggestions. And I can probably figure things out if we can't get all these implemented. Just please leave the addresses so I can drive by when I suspect someone is screening my call. I love to sit in their driveways while I call them. Then honk really loud when they don't answer.

Actually, that's what we do on the days we don't have school. The kids love it.