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West Wing reruns: a mom's best friend

Sometimes I just like to get lost in a movie or a television program. Used to be Woody Allen movies. I loved the backdrop of New York, the eccentric cast of characters and the oh-so verbal Woody himself.

But then I had children. And I couldn't be lost for 2 hours. So I switched to television and "The West Wing."

Syndication is a great thing, and in combination with DVR you can have yourself a right nice library of your favorite show. I always have an episode of "The West Wing" handy. So when I'm feeling blue, or need a break, or happen to have 40 minutes to myself, I can just reach for the remote. Instead of the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

I like this show because it's completely pared down. It's about one thing, in one wing, of one building - the job of the president and senior staff. And that's it. No convoluted family dynamics, no relationship triangles, certainly no children, and no clue what these people do when they leave the White House each day, or if they even do.

And I like that. It in no way resembles my life, so all the easier to lose myself in it. The introduction of a new bill, coercion of a congressman, invasion of a foreign country - it's all so exciting. Although, I did just introduce a new chore chart. And coerce my second-grader into keeping a journal, all the while invading his privacy while asking "What are you writing? What are you writing?"

I love how busy they are. They're always working while they're eating. And eating while they're talking. And oh, the way they talk. To be that smart and articulate and to be able to stream thoughts together in a perfect sound bite that always makes an important point.

Kind of like me this morning - I packed two lunches with a cinnamon bun between my teeth, while quickly explaining to my son that, due to the economy, the allowance budget has been reduced, and I understand it affects my favorability rating, but this administration is fine with it.

But the signature move on "The West Wing" is the walking while talking. Those White House folks have got it down. They go from room to room, picking up notebooks, and dropping off files - in one door and out the other, all the while spewing legislative agenda.

If I had a dime for every time I went from a bedroom to the laundry room, picking up socks and dropping off towels, while outlining a plan for some sort of laundry chute or pulley system...

Well, maybe there are some similarities. And if I start feeling like I'm not getting lost enough in "The West Wing," it's okay. That's what "The Real Housewives of D.C." is for.