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SuperFreak Hula Hoop

I am currently reading the book "SuperFreakonomics" by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.  This popular book is basically an entertaining application of economic reasoning to a wide range of wild real world situations.  

One interesting statistic I learned in the second chapter of the book was that the number one factor most likely to contribute to someone becoming a major league baseball player is to actually be the child of a major league baseball player.  In fact, having a father as a major league baseball player makes a son 800X more likely to become one himself.

Now, I don’t have a real world application for this information, but I know one thing.  This means that my daughter is destined to become something of a hula hoop sensation on the elementary school field day circuit. 

Yes, that’s right, I am rather well known for receiving the gold medal in the hula hoop event at the Sherwood Forest Elementary School Field Day Competition waaaay back in the day.  I believe they’re still talking about it-  not only did I outlast the lesser competitors, I only stopped because they asked me to-  otherwise I might still be gyrating my hips madly about.

Thus inspired that my daughter may be fated for Field Day greatness (and beyond) I have introduced her to her first piece of sporting equipment: the hula hoop.  I tell you though; I’m not sure when this “800X more likely” crap kicks in, because right now she stinks at it. 

I now know how Ken Griffey Sr. must have felt when he watched Junior first pick up a bat and hold it from the wrong end.  Kind of a sinking feeling of knowing that your offspring should be able to excel at something as sporty as baseball (or even something vastly less boring like hula hoop) yet they seem to lack the basic coordination to even handle the basics correctly. 

I know it’s early, but suddenly that hula hoop scholarship isn’t looking to be my daughter’s ticket to college after all.  I totally blame my wife's side of the family for this. 


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