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H1N1 Day

It was H1N1 flu shot day here at the McP household.

This morning we finished off my daughter’s second H1N1 shot, then as a treat to her she saw mommy and daddy get their H1N1 shots at the CVS at the Epicenter uptown.  The adults’ arms are sore, and my daughter’s leg is sore, but we have no other side effects to report. 

Do I believe that everyone in the family would be able to fight off the flu if we got it this year?  Yep.  But I’d rather go through the two seconds of discomfort from the shot than 7+ days of either a really sick kid and/or taking care of a child while really sick. 

While I have my “natural” tendencies-  my daughter and I are vegetarian-hybrid-driving-environmentalists- I also am fortunate enough to live in a society where advances such as vaccines are readily and cheaply available, and when it comes to matters of health I choose to side with the scientists and doctors over the other voices in the vaccine debate. 

An excellent source of information on the vaccine and H1N1 comes from the government’s Flu Myths site.   Check it out.


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