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Sunbeams stream steadily through the windows, creating patterns along the floor...  The bright skies belie the arctic air outside my door…  Maybe this is symbolic of my life, only in reverse?  Is there some kind of good to be found in what remains?  When you survey your surroundings, and observe only scorched earth to the far horizon, is it foolish to keep holding on?  

Today I finally found a copy of the movie ‘Signs’ (M. Night Shyamalan).  I have been searching for weeks; I originally saw it years ago.  While flipping channels earlier this month, I caught the tail end of it, seeing just enough to inspire me to watch it again, with my radically altered perspective…  The first time around I missed the underlying message; I focused only upon the surface alien theme.    

It’s no wonder the movie resonates with me… A young family…  A horrible car accident…  A tragic outcome…  Irrevocable change…  The movie offers a glimpse into their lives six months afterward; I cannot help but compare it to us, as we are six months into our new, unwanted life…  Deep-seated anger… Pure pretense… Going through the motions… Family preservation…  Struggles of faith…  

So I’m left pondering what I consider to be the real point of ‘Signs’…  Do people really break down into two groups?  One that views happenings as more than luck or coincidence; they see signs, proof someone is watching over them, giving them hope.  The other group sees everything as a fluke, a random occurrence, or happenstance; no matter what transpires, they are certain they are in it alone, eventually knowing only fear.  

The widowed father questions himself at the very end, challenging his own beliefs at the crucial moment: ‘What kind of person are you?  Are you the kind that sees signs, miracles?  Or do you believe that people just get lucky?  Is it possible there are no coincidences?’  

Which leads you to ask yourself, what do you believe?  

Without a doubt, I’m a signs girl…  As for the rest of my family, I pray that in time, they will be as sure as I am…  

Wishing you blessings and hope…tg

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