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Pure Awesome

I always receive a ton of positive feedback from you ladies on my “things I hate” blogs. 

This tells me that my audience here is full of angry, probably passive aggressive women.  Which is cool.  And admittedly kinda hot.  It’s like an angry storm front or something. 

But I think we can do better. 

So in an effort to make you a better person, and maybe pick up a few karma points myself in the process, I am introducing an occasional and ongoing series of things that are awesome.

No artist begins their list at #1, and I'm no artist, so I instead present:

Awesome things #12 and #13:

The two very small sparrows I witnessed during my jog on Tryon Street this afternoon.  They were attempting to carry off a partially eaten chicken drumstick that was still much bigger than the two of them combined.  Avian teamwork = awesome.  (Note- the birds do get points deducted for cannibalism.  Before the rumors start, Uptown SAHDness reminds you that cannibalism does NOT = awesome).   

Awesome thing #14:

Singing a guitar solo in your car.  Sure, we’ve all sung along with the vocalist, but when you actually make audible guitar sounds within the safe confines of your vehicle?  Well, that. is. awesome.   

Stay tuned.  And let me know what your awesome things are.


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