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My First School Trip


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Today I went on my first school trip.

Well, not MY first school trip, it was actually my daughter’s first field trip, but it was my first time as a chaperone.  We headed over to Hunter Farms for a little preschool pumpkin pickin’.  That would be a great Laurie Berkner song.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, because many of you left messages on my Facebook status telling me exactly what you thought.  You’re thinking that perhaps this field trip should have been passed on based on the disastrous McP Family Fun Day at the apple orchard a couple of weeks ago. 

Many of you encouraged me about this trip with such sage advice as:

“Well, at least they don’t make pumpkin hooch”


“Don’t forget to bring the ‘Bandana of Stop Crying’ because one of you will need it”


“Watch for splinters”

Aww.  Thanks guys!  Well, I wasn’t going to let the outdoors get the better of us this time, especially in front of my daughter’s teachers, classmates, and classmates’ parents.  So I had all that and then some.  I had bandanas to go around for everyone.  We could have robbed that place we had so many bandanas.

But, lest I become pigeonholed as the blogger who only writes about out-of-doors disaster stories I will remove the suspense here and let you know that no one was hurt by nature this time around. 

Disgusted by nature, though?

Oh yeah.

We were forced at close range to see them milk a cow.  Yuck.  I’m grateful I picked up some soy milk for myself yesterday at the store.  I may never quite get out of my head the sound of that hot bovine milk stream hitting the cup.  We were also positioned perfectly behind the cow, sure to catch the mist from any of her fecal or urinary movements- fortunately the farm thought ahead and installed a transparent splash screen.  Now, that’s how I like my nature- behind a glass shield.

After being thoroughly grossed out by cows we headed over to the petting area and let goats and sheep take their best shot at it.  I couldn’t help but clinch my teeth as we allowed these four legged farm staples to lick corn and some kind of goat kibble off of our hands and fingers.  This morning was very cold, so the portable hand washing stations we used after this “fun” were ice cold.  Seriously, my hands ached while I scrubbed sheep cooties off of us.

After our adventure we had lunch as a class in the picnic area.  This gave me a great chance to talk to the other parents and teachers.  As much as my daughter claims to hate school, it’s important to me that I can interact with these folks as much as possible.

I enjoyed speaking with everyone and watching the other kids interact.  I even forgot my old fears about being accepted as a man among mommies I was so comfortable with these folks.  I was reassured after talking with everyone that we’re still doing the right thing having her in her classroom.

Even if that means letting some farm creature lick her hands once and a while.


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