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This lunch (bag) packs a punch

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It’s official: I’m entering the “big kid school” world.  My daughter starts Kindergarten tomorrow – and who could send a first-timer without equipping her with all of the swanky new gear?

New shoes? Check. Book bag? You got it. Lunch box? Of course. I couldn’t possibly use the one we used last year. AND I was recently reading about PVC, a product that is extremely harmful to the environment and that which is still found in the lining of some lunch bags. While I’m doubtful it’s in my bags from last year, why take the chance?  

I’m completely loving this Stoh Lunch Tote I got for her. Actually, I don’t know who loves it more – me or my Kindergartener. It’s stylish, sleek and spacious all at the same time. Sure I love the fun colors (I got the pink and brown combo but it also comes in blue/brown combination) – but the design is also really fun. The zipper pocket opens to reveal ample space to place her food along with two mesh pockets for small items. The handles have a fun magnetic closure and I love the id tag where you can place a photo of your little one for easy identification.   

Check out the bag, which was created by another innovative mom, at . And wish me luck as I send my little girl off to school tomorrow; I’ll need it!