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A Quick List

This is the last day this week that my daughter is in pre-school, and as I was just working on some things I realized that while she’s only in school for 3 ½ hours when she goes, there is A LOT that can be accomplished in that short of time.

So, to celebrate the things I’ve done while my daughter is at school I present the following list of things I’ve accomplished since dropping her off this morning:

Washed all of the breakfast dishes

Cleaned the downstairs bathroom

Cleaned the master bathroom

Cleaned my daughter’s bathroom

Vacuumed downstairs

Dusted downstairs

Put fresh sheets on all beds

Washed three loads of laundry

Checked a few Facebook updates

Gave the dog her prozac

Used hardwood cleaner on the stairs

Hung eight hooks for my wife

Ate lunch

Wrote a simple blog

Now, I’m certainly not bragging.  Most days after dropping my daughter off I accomplish the following list:

Drink coffee

Play on computer

But on days like today I feel good having gotten this much done.  Now, when my afternoon accomplishment list is:

Drove to dinner

Pretended I was Winnie the Pooh while my daughter pretended she was a cow

I will know that at least the hundred acre wood is relatively clean and well tended to.


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