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Brand it with the Bandetteâ„¢

Most of us have encountered the sippy cup swapping and bottle exchanging battles that ensue in preschools, childcares and even playgroups. Germ spreading and wasted water aren’t the only frustrations parents encounter; little ones also feel the fury as their petite pal looks over at him with his sippy cup in hand – and mouth. But how to tell whose cup is whose? 

Worry no more … because local mom Robyn Pellei (and mom of nine kids) has created the Bandettes, fun labels for kids cups and bottles. Perfect for most kids cups, bottles and drinks, the fun colorful, animal-inspired bands simply slip over the desired drink source. The microwave- and dishwasher-safe bands can be identified with your child’s name by merely addressing it with her name with the use of a non-toxic permanent marker.

With three kids of my own, I quickly tired of labeling cups for preschool and even for home. But with the use of the Bandettes, I no longer have to worry about it. And I also don’t worry that my youngest two can’t read – what they can do is recognize the color and the animal that is associated with their cup. Voila! Goodbye cup confusion.

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