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Better Seafood Choices

These days seafood lovers are justifiably concerned about the fish and shellfish they buy in grocery stores or order in a restaurant. They’re worried that seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is contaminated with oil or any of the oil fighting chemicals recently released into the waters. Now, more than ever, it’s important to Do Your Part to get informed about the seafood you and your family eat.

It’s critical to mention that the seafood coming from the Gulf these days is under more scrutiny than ever. The Food and Drug Administration is monitoring what’s coming from the waters with extensive safety testing.  They’re also working closely with local health workers from different states to ensure that all seafood from areas of concern are safe to eat. But, there’s more than oil for consumers to worry about when they buy their favorite fish or shellfish. Buyers should also chose ones that come from sustainable fishing practices to ensure the health and longevity of individual species and ocean areas.

It can seem a little overwhelming to make sustainable choices at first because it’s not as easy as avoiding one type of seafood. It’s about digging a bit deeper on how that particular seafood was raised or captured.  One easy way to locate eco-friendly seafood is to look for the blue Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. MSC oversees all steps in the seafood chain and has the only internationally recognized set of environmental principles to assess whether a fishery is well managed and sustainable. Their website includes a list of retailers and the certified seafood choices they carry. There are a number of other online sources with easy-to-use reference guides to eco-friendly seafood choices. Some even provide printable pocket-sized guides or mobile applications for your phone to help you make the best choices when your away from your computer. Below is a list of these resources. Many even include recipes for preparing your sustainable seafood selections.

Remember, not all seafood is created equal. Do Your Part to be informed so you can shop smarter and eat healthier.

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