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Sick Day Haikus

Let’s face it, as vigilant as I am about washing my daughter’s hands it is still inevitable that she’ll occasionally pick up a cold.  Especially when she does things like lick her hands, rub them on a restaurant wall, then lick them again just to see if I’ll get upset (those of you who know me know how much this drives me nuts). 

Anyway, today we’re home from preschool with a cold, and if that’s not inspiration for a little “sick day” haiku to help me pass the time while my daughter watches “A Big Big World” in the background then I don’t know what is.


Ninety nine point eight

Low grade to be sure, but still

Enough to stay home


Ear Thermometer

Relax a little

I know you hate to sit still

But it could be worse


Three Day Weekend

Mommy is off work

And you were to go to school

We can't buy a break


Rainy Sick Day

It’s pouring rain out

Like the mucus from your nose

I hear “drip, drip, drip”


Am I Next?

You sneeze in my face

Aerosol droplets of germs

Finding a new home


It Could Be Worse

Colds are annoying

But at least it’s not vomit

Or diarrhea


How about you?  Any good sick day haikus to share?  Meredith, a limerick perhaps?

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