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The Monsters Are Being Released

Monsters are about to be unleashed into the wild here in Charlotte. 

And I don’t just mean the kids we’ve been talking about out on the playground.

An organization called Charlotte Arts Catalyst, a group dedicated to establishing a center for art and music in Charlotte, is doing something special for the season that I think folks may be interested in.

And here’s why. 

Kids of all ages love coloring.

Kids of all ages love monsters.

Kids of all ages love coloring monsters.

The folks at Charlotte Arts Catalyst have pulled together over 30 local artists to compose a coloring book that features over 40 different colorable creations.  Most of these will be child friendly (but I have been warned that there are one or two illustrations that might be PG (although none feature decapitations or extraterrestrial anal probing (yeah… I asked.  You know how I like that kind of thing)). 

All proceeds from the $10 book go towards establishing a center for creativity that will benefit the entire community.  There is a release party at the old Pura Vida location (1521 Central Ave) this Saturday, October 16th from 6 – 10 PM where original works based on the coloring book submissions will be available for viewing and purchase.  Additionally, the book should be available at Lunchbox Records, Cottage Chic, Book Buyers, and Heroes Aren't Hard to Find.

I took an opportunity to ask Zachary Reader, the Director of Charlotte Arts Catalyst, why he feels that we need a center for art and music here in Charlotte. 

Here’s what he said (in part- I get the feeling this guy will talk your ear off about it if you give him the chance!):

“The first and most important reason as to why the city Charlotte needs a community arts and music center is because there just isn't one. There are countless, and amazing, venues, galleries, groups, institutions who do pieces of what we're trying to do, but I've been here for 11 years and don't know where you can find it all in one place.

“The Charlotte Arts Catalyst would like to offer a true center for our community, welcoming people of all ages, talents and interests, where just about anything creative can happen or be imagined. We want to be available to assist those trying to pursue what they're passionate about in as many ways and as often as possible.”

As parents I think we can appreciate this feeling of wanting to foster creativity and innovation.  Unfortunately at some point it seems that we lose this.  I know that I used to love art classes and music until I became too old and bogged down in a career to keep with it.  Now that I’m a stay at home dad I’m finding so much inspiration watching my daughter express herself in her songs and art that I really am starting to believe that these folks have a great idea.

Keep an eye on this group-  there are plans to publish a completely child/family friendly book early next year even if this one doesn’t totally suit your taste.  I’ll keep you posted. 

Oh, did I mention that my drawings are in the book?  You totally have to check it out for that!  :o)

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