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Art Critic

For our anniversary every year my wife and I skip the traditional gifts (this year was our “iron” anniversary, so I’m not exactly disappointed that I didn’t receive an anvil or whatever); instead we choose to look around at different galleries and purchase an art piece we both like.

Several years ago we saw the works of artist Nava Lubelski when she was in residence at the McColl Center.  My wife in particular really took to her work combining stained canvases with thread to create unique, detailed, and skilled craft pieces.  For our anniversary this year I decided to contact Ms. Lubelski with a list of pieces we liked to see if any were available and what galleries were carrying them.

Through some kind of divine providence Ms. Lubelski had reserved, as part of her personal collection never up for sale, the one piece that my wife had identified as her absolute favorite.  Because of our enthusiasm for the piece the artist agreed to part with it, and it arrived last week while my daughter rested in her room.

After gently unwrapping the piece I propped it up against the wall eager to see what my daughter would think when she got up.  I just knew that this, a beautiful symbol of her progenitors' love and dedication, would capture her imagination.

“OOOHHH!!  Daddy, look at this!”  She said after coming downstairs and spying it right off the bat.  I just knew she’d love it. 

“Oh...  this... yucky!”

“It looks like someone got sick on it.”

“I wish you’d never spent money on this”

Those were her first three comments.   I kind of lost track after these, but you can be assured that her critique continued.

Later in the afternoon she asked me to go get something out of the room for her because “I really don’t want to be in the same room with that painting".

Remember, all of this is coming from someone who thinks that her paintings of turkeys and their poo is high class. 

Maybe next year we’ll stick to the traditional gift… I believe it’s wool.   Although anyone with sense can see how ugly Ugg boots are, so I don’t expect my daughter’s reaction to be any different than this year's.  At least I hope not-  I'm really starting to question her taste.