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Get Your Child Involved

My wife and I believe that a great way to encourage learning and to have quality family time is to include your child in whatever activity you are doing. It seems to be a common sense kind of thing to do, and I think many experts back us up.

I’ve read a whole host of articles suggesting, for example, that involving your child in food prep gets them more interested in eating different foods.  Because I’ve involved her in the laundry routine my four year old likes to match socks and can fold a bath cloth better than me.  She actually asks to help.  Really, I swear.

Anyway, I believe these kinds of thoughts were at least partially the motivation my wife had in mind when she decided to try repotting plants with my daughter this afternoon.  It’s something that needed to be done, had the potential to be kind of fun, and gave me a little break to work on the Sunday crossword in peace.

As they went out I quickly grabbed the camera, eager to capture this touching mother/daughter moment.   Err… well…


blog post photo

Through no fault on my wife’s part, we learned that my daughter feels that repotting plants is vastly less fun than say, folding clothes.

It may even be as much fun as getting a flu shot.  

But don’t let this discourage you- at least give your child a chance to try something different with you.  Even when it ends early, possibly in tears, you get those coveted parent points for trying.  And remember to bring a camera.